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The pain, the pain

I should have written “I’m done!”nearly three years ago. I couldn’t face it. Finishing my PhD was soul-destroying. I had several changes in supervision* and a sizeable disagreement with my incoming supervisors about the work I had already produced, which … Continue reading

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I’m done!

I finished my PhD. It was quite a while ago now. You can download a pdf here, or via the University of Southampton. In short, I found that volunteering was associated with a small, positive effect on political activity. However, … Continue reading

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Another advantage of longitudinal data

I have been having trouble formulating an important argument in one of my PhD papers, so I’m going to rehearse it here.  If anyone could help me to refine it, I’d be eternally grateful if you’d let me know… Longitudinal … Continue reading

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Survey Data Not Be All And End All – Shock

Apparently there’s more to research than survey data – who knew? Those who have been paying attention will remember that I have used the National Child Development Study (NCDS) to examine the relationship between volunteering and political activity for the … Continue reading

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What is volunteering?

My supervisor has suggested that I leave this question alone for a little while, so of course I can’t…  (For those of you who can’t countenance studying something before defining it, please bear in mind that I pretty much have … Continue reading

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What kind of day has it been?

Please excuse the shameless West Wing quote in the title…  It occurs to me that I haven’t really written much about my project and maybe I should remedy that.  I’m going to write a three papers thesis (rather than the traditional … Continue reading

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