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Peer reviewed article ‘wrong’ shock

Dave Johns at Slate has written an interesting piece on self-publication and peer review, using a recent study about ‘social contagion’ as a peg.  I wrote a post back in March about some of the pitfalls of peer review.  In … Continue reading

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I’d almost forgotten about food banks…

I lived in the US for a couple of years and while I was there I worked for Generations United.  GU develops intergenerational policy and programmes (sorry, programs…) and campaigns to make things better for intergenerational (IG) families (aka grandfamilies).  … Continue reading

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Community activism and the democratic deficit

I branched out a little on the third day of the SPA conference – but only a little.  First up was three-paper symposium by the Coprodnet collective.  These guys are a multi-site academic, policy and practitioner unit looking at co-production.  … Continue reading

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How many sessions on the Big Society does it take to fill a conference?

One of the many joys of the Big Society is the lovely way it lends itself to any number of sets of paired opposites.  Today at the Social Policy Association Conference, I listened to  market liberalism vs. social value (Pete … Continue reading

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Not exactly blogging the SPA conference…

As a freshly established blogger, I had in mind to try my hand at ‘blogging a conference’ (the Social Policy Association Conference, to be precise).  I think a laptop the size of a planet may not be the best tool, … Continue reading

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