I finally found a Census article that made me laugh

Lucy Mangan in the Guardian: The UK Census – it’s just a big box of tricks.  This is my favourite part:

“How many of these rooms are bedrooms? Include all rooms built or converted for use as bedrooms even if they are not currently used as bedrooms.” How can one tell? All over the land there must be borderline cases. How far back should one go? Is there an essence of bedroom beyond the presence of a bed in it? Is it an innate or transitive property? How long would a bed have to stay in a dining room, say, before it could truly be said to take on the dormitory mantle?

I wish I could be one of the people who just answers survey questions without worrying too much about it, but I’m afraid I’m one of the people who worries about the transitive or instransitive nature of bedrooms – so I’m very happy that Lucy Mangan exists to articulate my worries.

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